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The second group belongs to the “rich housewife” club.That is someone with 9th grade education (or high school if she is younger) who is married to someone with money and her status among the rest of the housewives is determined by the handbag she carries, the make up she wears and the car she drives and of course all is paid from the pocket of bothers like you who like being the “agha” Pullniro Unlike her loud laughters and gaudy appearance, a characteristic of prostitutes, Shirin proved to be a nice and caring woman.Firstly, the so-called grouping of Muslim women is a constructed one.Out of the innumerable characteristics women have, why focus on their beliefs?Imagine the case: 1) an abusive boyfriend who has already fled to Dubai , 2) a government and police system that will definitely kill her -- in her soul and heart, if not literally.

I had left Iran in 1969 with the feeling that women's situation under the Shah was unbearable.

Not even touching on the next 15, I tried my best to tell them I’ve had enough. None would hear of it Azam Nemati I want to help out the brothers and make the task less stressful since many of you are so clueless and have no imagination when it comes to buying gifts for us for any occasion.

I am the kindhearted big sister who wants you to shine and let’s remember this is not about me but having heard all the complaints, I want to make it simple despite the myth that women are complicated. The first are those who truly value anything that shows thoughtfulness as corny as it sounds.

I thus clearly knew that the wearing of the compulsory hijab and abiding by other rules of the Islamic regime would be detrimental to my psyche; so I returned with the internal attitude of an observing sociologist and not of a woman, in order to cope with the offensive and alienating social environment in new Iran Marjan Abdi Having inherited the foundation of Human Rights from a just emperor, Cyrus the Great 2500 years ago, we must be able to rather teach the world how to develop human souls to eradicate crime; whereas, shamefully enough, we are witnessing the fact that today all the basic human rights are simply being violated in the very land of the founder of them!

Stoning is a destructive encouragement to potential inclination to crime, which is hidden in every human being by nature.

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Shirin was always the first who broke the eye contact. She could not hide the tinge of loneliness and solitude in her voice.

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