Long chelsea clinton dating

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As for the groom’s family, his mother, former Pennsylvania Rep.

The couple live in an apartment in downtown New York, along with their dog, a Yorkshire terrier named Soren.

The four courses were broken up by spins on the dance floor-yes, that was former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright “boogying,” reports one guest.

The Clintons delivered heartfelt words to their daughter.

“The people coming are her friends and people who have been meaningful in her life,” mother of the bride, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, 62, said days before. “This was Marc and Chelsea’s list,” says wedding planner Bryan Rafanelli.

No Obamas were present, nor herds of Hollywood A-listers. Guest Ted Danson, whose wife Mary Steenburgen is an old Clinton pal from Arkansas, joked accurately: “Are we the only celebrities here?

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Chelsea Clinton was just 13 then, Marc Mezvinsky 16, both brought along to the annual political Renaissance Weekend their parents attended in South Carolina.