Drop dead diva dating

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Drop dead diva dating

In addition, Deb learned at Jane's Class of 1994 reunion that Jane was very unnoticed at high school and her date was gay.

Deb also handles the sudden urge for treats and snacks she denied herself before as well as realizing how self-absorbed she used to be.

Owen tells Jane the insurance should know about the diagnosis because the band manager would have had to let the insurance carrier know.

Turns out the band manager did submit a report to the insurance company but didn’t say anything about the diagnosis because he didn’t want to pay the premium.

Maybe it’s the nerves talking but we can’t help noticing that Jane is acting a tad silly when she happens to be around Grayson. Elsewhere, the judge is upset with Grayson and accuses him of vandalism.However, Liam gets kicked out of his band the Black Pedal by the one of the band members’ girlfriend, so now Jane has to help him sue for wrongful termination.Grayson must save a building with amazing artwork on it from getting teared down.The owner wants everyone to move out of the building.To win the case, he’ll have to prove the graffiti on the building is really art.

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