Dating ward lock red guide

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Dating ward lock red guide

The picture below shows George Square in Glasgow from the 1939 Guide.

So far we’ve covered Harrogate, Bath and now Glasgow with our look back at the Ward-Lock Guide Books.

The Gorbals was often referred to as the most dangerous place in the UK in the 1930s.

Though they were the best-selling guide books of their day, no individual collector has yet managed a full collection of them.I think most of us would expect that figure to have increased, perhaps substantially, over the last 75 years but the official figure is now around 625,000.Some of this can be put down to boundary changes but Wikipedia also gives the following explanation: Glasgow’s population peaked in 1931 at 1,088,000, and for over 40 years remained over 1 million. They were published from the 1870s until the 1970s. This was a popular series of travel guides to cities, towns and regions in the British Islands and on the Continent.

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You can see why experimenting with half-a-dozen or so Ward Lock & Co’s Illustrated Guide Books on your shelves might lead to an obsessive and possibly unhealthy need to collect the entire set.

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