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One example of the way this works is the following: 1.

This can refer to the man or the woman but, in my experience, it is women who most often become embroiled in a self destructive relationship. The woman has a talent for finding men who do not want marriage and say so from the onset.

The live under the concept that "it is better to be abused than to be alone." How do you know if you have a loving relationship or one that is codependent?

The answer is that if you constantly submerge your wishes for the wishes of another or fear asserting what you may wish, then, you may be in a very self destructive relationship.

Abusive relationships in which one or both partners are beaten verbally, physically, psychologically or all three are characterized by this type of relating.

Others do not ask the question but continue to doggedly pursue relationships that make them unhappy. The term "codendency" is not in the DSM and is borrowed from the language of drug and alcohol addiction.Continuing with the metaphor of Greenberg's comedy and the issue of codependence, the person is constantly communicating to their lover, "I need to be taken care of.I will die if you do not care for me." The extent to which the "other" in the relationship believes this and "buys" into it is the extent to which they will have to submerge their own desires and wants.However, marriage does not relieve her insecurity and need for reassurance that she is loved.The scenario has many variations and is not limited to the one example just given.

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