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I didn’t know whether to be sad about my husband’s reaction or the loss of my new friend. In his attempt to bring the heat, Rich ended up trying to put me in awkward positions and was so rough I spent more time screaming for him to stop than for Jesus.

I was determined not to give up on us, so I planned a nice weekend getaway to the Caribbean for our one year anniversary where we could be alone and connect; I thought the romantic setting and some time away from the rat race would spark something between us. After the anniversary fiasc, I thought it might be time to see a couples sex therapist and was thrilled when Rich agreed to go without much of a fight.

So here we are another year later and I’m still not being satisfied sexually by my husband.

I often imagined what it would be like when I had sex with my husband on our wedding night.

It would be romantic, sensual and passionate; my husband would be a patient teacher and lover making sure I shivered from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

Nothing worked, we were half way through our first year of marriage and I still wasn’t happy with our sex life.

It always felt so rushed or lazy, no passion, not enough kissing and I still hadn’t had an orgasm yet.

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During one of our love making sessions I pulled out my new friend and suggested to Rich that we add a little spice.