Tbi dating disability dallas

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Tbi dating disability dallas

The activities are designed to be an extension of clinical therapy goals, while promoting positive quality therapeutic interactions between caregiver and the individual. Individuals may choose which activities to complete in a specific area or the caregiver may suggest activities that are daily activities.

I hope you find these activities useful and that through their use you are able to facilitate independence by providing functional rehabilitation through positive interactions.

The activities included in this manual are appropriate for use in the home setting, as well as rehabilitation programs, residential programs, outpatient facilities, schools, etc.

The activities in this manual were created by conceptualizing how, as clinicians, we teach these skills.

Many people with disabilities may not receive formal rehabilitation to the extent needed to become independent with these skills.

Families are often unsure how to help their loved one become more independent.

It has been my experience that direct care staff tend to view their role as one of making sure basic needs are met regardless of an individuals participation in meeting these needs, as opposed to teachers who facilitate learning new skills.

Functional Rehabilitation Activities are therapeutic tasks designed to facilitate an individuals independence with activities of daily living.

The individual with a disability does not learn the necessary skills to become independent because these tasks are done for the individual.

A tremendous need was realized- how do we as clinicians teach direct care staff how to provide functional therapy?

Useful for inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs, community programs, residential settings, schools and at home.

This manual features worksheets and data forms for tracking performance and outcomes, with full instructions for administration.

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