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Terri becomes his support and the unspoken bond between them strengthens once more.

On the train station, tempers flare between Rebecca and Scott, the latter still stinging from losing his patient earlier.

Trapped in the damaged train carriage, Bron sustains a head injury but still tries to treat the wounded around her while attempts are made to free them from the wreckage.

When the carriage starts to shift, the passengers are promptly buried under the carriage's collapsed roof.

It's his ticket into being granted special access to the accident site.

Bron and Lyle are removed and sent to Ward 17 immediately.

It's Von's worst nightmare to see her patient Claire dying from the same disease, Lupus, that she has — she can't hide from the truth any longer.Her efforts to find out why meet with a wall and she realises things with him are nowhere near ideal.Special Guest: Belinda Mc Clory as Nicola Lewis Guest Cast: Jenni Baird as Paula Morgan, Paul Tassone as Nelson Curtis, Ling Hsueh Tang as Kylie Preece, Josh Quong Tart as Matt Horner, Alex Jones as Lyle Slater, Natasha Beaumont as Rebecca Green, Luciano Martucci as Dominic Turner, Gerard Maguire as Peter Maloney, Drew Forsythe as Ray Mc Carthy, Jone Winchester as Dulcie Battye, Tony Poli as Frank Koumanis, Adam Saunders as Josh Koumanis, Marilyn Allen as Mrs Southerby, Brooke Callaghan as Shelley, Mary Ann Halpin as Jenny Bullock, Monty Leadon as Spud Tremayne, Adam George as Sam Micallef, Katie Methorst as Rachel Suffolk, Sean Burke as Barry Lithgow, Jacqueline Graham as Belinda Samuelson, Monique & Natasha Ball as Lucy Stevens, Iain Maguire as Mr Suffolk, Jan Ringrose as Mrs Suffolk, Hilary Manning as Virginia, Christo Beck as SRA Worker, John Plant as SRA Worker, Greg Ellis as SRA Worker, Aaron Noakes as Gian Constantial, Chris Bath as New Reporter, Peter Colqugoun as Journalist, Andrew Valentine as Unconscious Man, Murray Harman as Security Guard, Shayne Mac Intyre as Scout Nurse, David Beaman as Arresting Boy, Daniel Stevens as Luke Stunt Double, Alan Vaughan as Lyle & Passenger #1 Stunt Double, Tony Lynch as Ben Stunt Double, Kristy Hogg as Bron Stunt Double Note: Alex Jones' final appearance Episode 5.03 (171) Tuesday, February 19, 2002 Screenplay by Jenny Lewis, Lesley Lewis Directed by Scott Feeney Terri discovers Bron isn't coping with the tragic loss of Lyle.Dom arrives at Ward 17 with the young boy and Paula realises he is the son of the man she's been dealing with.Father and unconscious son reunite but Terri is acutely aware of the fact that Dom is not celebrating.

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Nelson is harbouring a dark and personal secret that unexpectedly reveals itself.

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