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Most of the information that Jon knows is completely over my head and although I’m starting to learn little by little, I know there’s so much more to all of it.

I guess the biggest challenge for me is knowing that he’ll always be multiple steps ahead of me.

In the words of David Byrne Over time, I’ve imagined and re-imagined me many times.

Professionally, I am a freelance writer writes quite a bit on the impact of social media on the newspaper industry for here.

I wish I could add more information to our conversations and sometimes if I feel like I know something I wait to say it just in case I’m wrong.

But even if I’m spot on right or drastically and embarrassingly way off, he’s never made me feel stupid.

I am a social media strategist who has also been a professional blogger for a multi-national telecom, a thought-leader blog network and several noteworthy projects, as well as a community developer for, Assignment Zero, and News Trust.

Personally, I’d consider myself a dating genius, for whom long-term relationships remain a mystery (although some friends would disagree on the latter.) I’m a fashionista with a knack for adaptting youthful looks for an older, curvier body.

I believe it’s in sharing experiences and wisdom we’ve gained that we can begin to share our wisdom and experiences to help one another and those who will be turning 40 eventually….

Not once has he ever said, “you just wouldn’t understand” to me.

I’m finally starting to understand how the government works, how the stock market functions and how there are infinite infinities; all the things that I would never learn on my own but always wondered about are most of the things Jon has taught or explained to me.

As much as he knows already, he always wants to know more. Our conversations together can go from something as simple as our favorite foods and movies and basketball to as complex as what each other’s opinions are on religion/God and multiple universes and gun laws.

As interesting as these conversations can get, all I can do is mostly listen because sometimes I just don’t have the information or understanding of my own to have any input or counterpoints to add in. There certainly are times that I wish I knew more about certain topics and I feel bad that a lot of complex topics don’t actually interest me.

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He explains things to me in a way that we both know I’ll be able to understand.

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