Worlds biggest dating agencies

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Worlds biggest dating agencies

Imagine having to search through a phone book containing a billion pages for a phone number.

When the employees at Choice Point want to know something about you, they have to do just that.

The World Fact Book boasts general information on every country and territory in the world including maps, population numbers, military capabilities and more.

Rocks, baseball cards, Barbies, perhaps even bugs -- we all tried to gather up as much stuff as possible to compile the biggest most interesting collection possible.

Some of you may have even been able to amass a collection of items numbering into the hundreds (or thousands).

If we assume that each video has a size of 1MB, You Tube would expect to grow 1.86 terabytes next month.

Similarly, if we assume that each video has a size of 10MB, You Tube would expect to grow 18.6 terabytes next month.

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In many cases these collections, or databases, consist of items we use every day.