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Kodaira, also the silver medalist in Wednesday's 1,000m race, became the second Japanese speed skater to win an Olympic gold behind Hiroyasu Shimizu, who reaped the title of the men's 500m in 1998 in Nagano.Two-time defending Olympic champion and world record holder Lee settled for the silver with a time of 37.33 seconds, 0.01 seconds ahead of bronze medal winner Karolina Erbanova from Czech Republic. It was like a nightmarish game of dodgeball that would air on LOGO.(I'd like to go on record and say those men are horrible, and the human equivalent of a parfait.) The men here were normal dudes: mostly over 30, and mostly in custody of faces I almost instantly forgot. Have you ever been at a party and realized, with a cold sweat and a shiver of dread, that you were the smartest one in the room?don't go to Circle if you really are not into Asian people, don't go to Brooklyn Bowl if you despise hipsters), but if there's a city to approach broadly, it's NY.

Definitely tailor your approach to the types of people you generally like to surround yourself with (i.e.

My voice was so hoarse that it was one broken leg away from a glue factory, and my personality had a heavy case of whiskey d**k.

By the time I got to the handsomest man in the room, I could tell we were both exhausted.

Alas, despite my greatest efforts, I was not a very convincing top.

I might have had better luck convincing them I was a a very lost and confused lesbian. I was bottoming out after talking to guy after guy for .

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