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His father was a real-estate salesman and former high-school wrestling star; his mother was a homemaker.In high school, Gable ran track, swam and played football and baseball. The White House orders a suspension of bombing above the 20th parallel as a signal of U. approval of recent North Vietnamese concessions at the secret peace talks in Paris.Eyebrows, new makeup trends and eyelashes are recurring beauty trends and topics that us girls want to know about. However, there are some 'beauty trends' that need not exist. Wavy brows are the new phenomenon also known as 'squiggly brow'. It's achieved by putting non-permanent glue onto your eyebrows and forcing the hairs to stick via wave format, rather than use a brush to straighten them out.

In this role, he helped break up notorious criminal gangs. On this day in 1764, future President John Adams marries Abigail Smith.The town constable, Bob Valdez, is forced to kill someone accused by Frank Tanner of being a murderer. After the picture was postponed to allow Lancaster to do "Airport," the actor decided he wanted to play the title role and engaged Roland Kibbee to rewrite the role for him.Valdez asks Tanner for monetary help for the man's wife, but he is ridiculed and almost killed by Tanner's henchmen. According to Lancaster's biographer Gary Fishgall, none of Rayfiel's writing was used although he received co-credit.Very good western, right up there with Lancaster's film of the same year, "Lawman".I still can't feature Burt as a Mexican, though.

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Oldfield and Johnson had a history: Oldfield’s friend, the white heavyweight champ James J. On this day in 1861, signaling an important shift in the history of naval warfare, the keel of the Union ironclad Monitor is laid at Greenpoint, New York.