East bay dating scene

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East bay dating scene

It seems to me that there are plenty of 33 year old guys who have never been married.Especially if they have some great job that required extended education.Giving her a chance to be honest about whatever she's feeling might just be the best thing for your friendship going forward. Our oldest son is back home, socially shy, working but having difficulty reaching out. Concerned mom Your shy son has the best chance of meeting someone of the opposite sex if he goes to groups that do what he loves doing the most.

I'd love to hear from both women and men about this. C Hi, I'd suggest joining a cyber group such as Bay Area Link Up and/or a Meetup group such as the Bay Area Single Parents..can find them by doing a google search.

Does she want a divorced man in his 30s with children and potential problems from another marriage?

Perhaps, if she truly and genuinely loves him AND his children.

I would be concerned if someone was divorced and out on the prowl by 33 honestly. She just needs to stay on the scene a little bit instead of getting too cozy being the only single in your crowd.

my 2 cents My advice is to advise her to date men who she thinks will make wonderful life partners.

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Your assumption that single unmarried men in their 30s are no longer any good doesn't make any sense.