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Uncensored scenes from extreme dating show

Furthermore, Perez, who was thought to be dead already, has an appearance, which is one of the reasons why Hoffman's (Jigsaw's succesor) secretive actions lead him more and more to a dead end.

At the same time, another "game" that was planned by him is played.

However, the prayers of many critics were not heard.

Even before its theatrical release, two more sequels had been announced and at least Saw VII already has a fixed release-date, which will be October 22, 2010. Another trademark of the series is the obligatory Unrated version for the DVD-release.

For the next shot of Hoffman a different part of the shot was used.

This is followed by an alternative shot of Jill and Hoffman walking into her office.

In the theatrical version they are standing when they complain to Jill's colleague. Furthermore, the theatrical version shows an additional close up of Jill trying to calm down the two.Sometimes those changes make sense, at other times they seem pretty random. In the audio commentary, the producers say that they had planned to connect the games that are about Hofman's and William's life.In the theatrical version, Jill activates the timer of Hoffman's trap herself by closing the door after she has left the room.1,5 sec - / - Some unimportant alternative footage is shown when Jill enters the doctor's office.(Theatrical Version: 25,5 sec / Unrated Version: 20,3 sec).

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Moreover, we are given more information about Jill's involvement in the illegal dealings of her ex-husband and some well known characters from the previous movies like Amanda and Cecil play an important role, as well.