Updating destination list delivery server has failed ricoh

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Updating destination list delivery server has failed ricoh

and when you hit the scanner button you get the message on the screen "Destination cannot be used now" How do i get the ldap address to auto pull into the address book.Remember that all DIGITAL machines use the scanner to read an original document,even when they make a copy!I have updated firmware, formatted the HDD, tried a different HDD, replaced the controller PCB and memory, the maximum email size is set to off, there is a fax unit installed, bot not used or even connected to a phone line, but I continue to get an error of "Transmission has failed. To check the current status, press [Scanned Files Status]." when scanning to email.A different machine of the same model (MPC401) configured the same, works fine.Cannot browse network and find SBS server shared folder from Copier Setup SMB to shared folder Authenticate using admin user name and password Copier cannot connect. I have setup numerous copiers to scan to folder in a Windows Server 2003 environment. You may need to disable it on the SBS server if this is the case.

It is true that some previous models of Ricoh devices could not scan to a folder hosted on a W2k3 server if SMB signing was enabled, but this has not been the case for a number of years. Ricoh are releasing firmware for almost all devices to support SMB v2 during early 2010. I didn't change any group policy, but I did have to set the scanner to search for the server by IP address rather than network name.

The scanner had been previously configured and did work on another PC that crashed. (obv this was awhile ago) I remember having this problem then but I don't remember how we fixed it. your best bet would be to set up using SMB scan to folder.

It's a MF and the PC can print to it, but I can't get the scanner to communicate. set up is pretty straight forward create a folder on the root of C: ie C:scans share the folder with full permissions, simple file sharing has to be turned off!!

FYI - just dealt with this issue on a SBS 2008 installation with a Savin 4060.

It worked with a username like "scanner" and the SMB path of "\server\scans" on Server 2003, but on SBS 2008, I had to do the following: the only possible solutions for this ricoh shit was to give an additional IP address to the nic of the destination smb server and change to those smb ip in the destination adressbook of the ricoh. This happend after migrating an 2008R2 Server from Xenserver to Hyper V.

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Enter user name and passcode: Defaults from Ricoh are username: admin password (none).

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