Romania marriage and dating customs

Posted by / 11-Oct-2017 17:29

Later, when each of those guests has their own wedding, they will also receive money to start their new life.

Traditionally, wedding celebrations in villages would stretch out for three days and three nights. Most weddings are not quite so long these days, but you can still expect them to start early in the day and run into the wee hours of the night.

The morning usually starts with considerable noise and excitement.

Traditionally, gypsy musicians will appear at the groom’s house to wake up the entire neighborhood.

In some countries it is traditional for wedding guests to buy thoughtful gifts for the happy couple on their special day. Rather than filling a table with brightly colored packages, the most common wedding gift in Romania is a simple envelope with money tucked discreetly inside.

For a foreigner who is used to choosing a special gift for important occasions this could seem rather impersonal, but for Romanians it is not only greatly appreciated, it is expected!

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As a celebration of love and a celebration of loved ones, it’s a big deal not only for the lucky couple, but also for the whole community.