Intimidating quiz

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Intimidating quiz

This is what bookmakers call odds of 4/1 (four to one odds).

Odds of 4/1 convey that something is more likely to happen than odds of 20/1 but exactly how much more likely?

This where odds come in and its these odds ratios that are behind the differences between disabled and non-disabled people contained in the first part of the quiz.

What we need to help us decide questions like these is not analysis that allows us to compare lots of variables.

If you just want to download a summary of the quiz click here.

The differences in the odds of various kinds of ill-treatment happening included in the first part of this quiz are taken from analysis of the British Workplace Behaviour Survey 2008.

We would use a font size five times larger just to emphasize the point.

This is fairly easy to understand but why don’t we just stick to comparing probabilities?

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Face-to-face interviews with 3,494 British employees (or those with recent experience of employment) were carried out between November 2007 and February 2008.

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